Sea to Sky Women’s Leadership Day

Hosted by: Sea to Sky Women’s Leadership Planning Committee

Date: 20 Oct 12

Thanks to everyone that participated in this event.  Below are some photos from the day.

Event Organizers Catherine Rockandel and Cathy Goddard

Catherine Rockandel with The Passion Test Facilitator Laurin Kyle Boyle

Event participants networking and sharing.

Janic from our venue sponsor, Sea to Sky Hotel

Fun creativity!

This event brought together emerging leaders with established leaders in the Sea to Sky corridor to support women to affect greater change in their lives, their families, their communities, and the workplace.

In the morning, Laurin Kyle Boyle led participants through the Passion Test. This fun, interactive activity supports individuals to discover or clarify what they are passionate about and how that can inform decisions and life choices.

After a delicious buffet lunch and an hour of networking, women participated in a variety of workshops with a goal of establishing mentorship networks that connect women and support ongoing personal and professional development long after this event is over.

Sponsored by:  Sea to Sky Hotel and Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

Supported by: Sea to Sky Community Services and the Howe Sound Women’s Centre

Here is a look at the workshops that were held throughout the day.

Self Aware, Self Care – by Denise Evans
In this consecutive two-session workshop we will learn about our emotional selves and will practice techniques of self-awareness and self care. Denise will introduce participants to breath work and body scanning to understand the basics of emotional awareness. She will share techniques for progressive muscular relaxation to release held tension and use loving kindness/imagery and mindfulness meditation.Denise is a clinical counsellor with over 25 years of experience in creating and leading workshops, and working with individuals, couples and families. Her work focuses on helping people solve problems that have created pain and suffering in their lives so that they can move forward to live in more engaged ways that help them to create happier, fulfilled futures.
Check out Denise’s website: www.seatoskycounselling.com
Your Way to the Top: Emotional Freedom Technique by Heather Donaldson
What are your blocks to being the kind of leader you want to be? Could they relate to feeling occasionally overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, nervous or insecure? At this workshop you will gain skills for dealing with residual and everyday emotional challenges, including stress management, following the handouts and practicing with the leader. This consecutive two session workshop will give you the tool to use at work and at home. You will walk away from the workshop with benefits and if you use it more, you will notice life-changing differences and so will those around you.
Session one (1pm -1:45pm) begins with a brief overview of the technique: the origins, the science and the research followed by the hands-on session to discover its power.
In Session two (2:15pm – 3pm), you use your new tool to work on a “disturbing issue”. You choose whether you want to discuss this with the whole group – no disclosure needed. This segment demonstrates the depth of EFT, as a volunteer will be guided through an event which they experience as quite intensely emotional, to seeing the same event as neutral or even humorous. While “tapping along”, observers will experience benefits themselves, with regard to similar and even unrelated events.
Heather is an EFT Practitioner (Level 3 AAMET). She shifted to teaching and operating a mobile massage and shiatsu business after more than a decade of government employment in health promotion. She recognizes that emotional issues usually underlie the symptoms of physical discomfort and that programmed patterns of thinking or recalling past events cause this emotional distress.
For more information about EFT,  visit www.tappingsolution.com orwww.thrivingnow.com
Check out Heather’s websites: www.whistlermassage.ca
Harnessing your Personal Genius to Achieve Your Career Goals by Lisa Princic
Location: Ballroom Room
We all have a unique calling and sometimes it comes as a clear picture and other times it’s just a glimmer of a vision that looks pretty exciting. Either way it’s not always easy to figure out our road map to getting there. This workshop will show you the simple steps it takes to reaching your professional goals, which includes accessing your personal genius that you already have within you.

  • Figuring out what’s is the best kind of work for you
  • Clues to choosing the best path.
  • Laying the foundation for setting meaningful goals and obtaining them.
Lisa is a professional coach who empowers grassroots entrepreneurs to create lush lifestyles and thriving neighbourhoods. Her coaching is designed to guide her clients effortlessly through important business growth objectives while developing their Whole Entrepreneur Mindset. As a result her clients achieve transformative personal and business performance breakthroughs — while having fun along the way. Her personal vision is to cultivate a kick-ass entrepreneur in every household!
Check our Lisa’s website: www.changemakerstoolbox.com/

Women and Money by Bernie Lalor-Morton
Location: Eagle Room
What is your money for? This workshop will allow you to create a context for your money and your relationship with it. Understanding what your money is for will inspire and empower you and help you begin the process of owning what money means to you – not your parents, partner or society but only YOU! In this workshop you will:

  • Create your own context – what is my money for?
  • Explore your values and discover what is important to you
  • Determine some of the financial steps you will need to take to reach your goals

Participants choose either session one or two, as both will have the same content.

Bernie has owned Focus Forward Coaching and Consulting and been a professional facilitator in Whistler for over 20 years. She specializes in customized and interactive training programs for small business and the not-for-profit organizations. She designs and delivers workshops on team building, strategic planning, train-the-trainer, motivation, leadership, goal setting and communication.
Bernie combines her passion for facilitating with her love of coaching groups and individuals by supporting, encouraging and rigorously holding them accountable for the successes they want to achieve.
Check out Bernie’s website: www.focusforward.ca

Brand Leadership – How to Build a Powerful, Authentic Brand by Melanie Anne Bitner
Location: Tantalus Room
Have you wondered how you can share your knowledge and create a visual road map to help you fearlessly bring your vision to the world?  In this workshop, you will discover your current Brand Score (where do YOU score out of 100?).  You will learn about developing your 360 Brand Plan, and find out how 25 brand touch points connect to achieve brand harmony and increased market awareness so that you can create a powerful and consistent brand identity across mediums.Melanie partners with values-based women entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders to create authentic, essence-driven brand strategies.  Check out her website atBrand-HER.com

The Soul of Leadership by Laurin Kyle Boyle
Location: Ballroom
“Leading from the Soul means doing what is right from the level of being” – Deepak Chopra The Soul of Leadership
In this workshop, each participant will be guided to complete their Soul Profile and gain insight into how to allow their Soul to lead in all areas of their life in order to experience greater peace, well being, increased creativity and inspiration. This leadership framework developed by Deepak Chopra focuses on living from the Soul as the path to living Right-Mindedly. Right thought, right word, right deed follows suit and results in a life that is in alignment with our True loving nature. In simple terms, life just feels RIGHT when our Soul is our internal reference point.

Laurin’s passion is to inspire and empower people to live heart-based Inspired lives for greater health and happiness. Having spent 20 years designing and delivering corporate programs that integrated the spirit of play into the workplace, Laurin witnessed the wonderful benefits as people laughed and played together, tapping into this joyful essence that is our true nature. Laurin is committed to offering transformative and fun experiences that help remove the obstacles that block our awareness of this Truth.
Laurin is an Ordained Minister with Pathways of Light Spiritual College, a Passion Test Facilitator, a Chopra certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher,  a Laughter Yoga Leader & Trainer, a Heartmath Emotional Management Coach, & a Yoga Kids instructor (32 hours) Recently Laurin completed Byron Katie’s 9 day School for “The Work”
Check out Laurin’s website: www.7spirituallaws.com

The Power of Mentoring:  Giving and Getting by Cathy Goddard
Location: Ballroom

Imagine throwing a pebble in a pond.  What do you see?  Ripples form directly around the pebble and then radiate outward into wider circles.  This analogy shows how something seemingly so small can create a larger ripple effect.  The impact is undeniable.Mentoring relationships create that same ripple effect by offering support in this ever-changing world, followed by the opportunity to share your knowledge with others.  As the Founder of Lighthouse’s Mentor Network, Cathy will share how creating that network is instrumental to your success and, how paying it forward will impact the lives of others.In this workshop, you will:

  • Clarify the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Determine how mentoring can help you to reach your goals
  • Where to find a mentor that will inspire and motivate you
  • The 4 C’s to leverage your mentoring experience
  • Discover what knowledge you can share to make a difference to others
Cathy Goddard is the Principal of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies and a business columnist for the Whistler Question newspaper. She is the founder of Lighthouse’s Mentor Network, providing mentor groups and engaging Open Forum events to women professionals in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and also offers small business consulting and workshops.  You are now visiting her website and feel free to connect on Lighthouse’s Facebook page

Growing Your Leadership for a Stronger Community by Christine Buttkus
Location: Ballroom

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to an existing organization that fits with your personal passions, such as: non-profit societies, elected office, schools, clubs and grassroots initiatives?  This interactive workshop will support participants understand their unique leadership style, strengths and the opportunities available for making a difference in their community. Using stories, research and group dialogue we will explore a range of ways that leaders have overcome barriers for personal and community benefit.
In this workshop you will:
  • Develop a plan to build a support network and energize your leadership
  • Receive takeaway tools and resources to support your community work
Christine Buttkus is a consultant and coach. She leads a wide range of complex projects for social benefit.  Her current clients include the Early Childhood Educators of BC-Leadership Initiative and the FORCE Society for Kids Mental Health. She has served on a number of local, regional and provincial boards. Christine is passionate about helping leaders use tested, effective, innovative practices to achieve the best outcomes.   She is a parent, volunteer and a graduate student.
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