What’s Your 2019 Theme?






What’s Your 2019 Theme?

Blog Post by Cathy Goddard of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, December 16, 2018



Today is my birthday and I’m sending my 2019 theme out to the world.  Light and Free.  What do you think?


My 2019 Theme – Light and Free

My theme actually builds momentum on feelings (and actions) that unintentionally manifested in 2018.  At the start of the year, I had to change things up to accommodate a non-negotiable need to rebuild my body and heal injuries.  That meant putting myself first ~ focusing on my well-being and making time to heal ~ working smarter and not harder ~ enjoying the simple things in life ~ being comfortable with hitting pause.  Frankly, it was a rather harmonious change despite the challenges.

Now I want my theme of ‘light and free’ to have depth. To live this theme and use it as a foundation for my decisions and well-being.  To continue letting go of that which doesn’t serve me at this point in my life.  To use my voice to protect that lightness and freedom.

Light and Free.

I will continue on my path to healing and living an injury-free life so I can do the things I want without pain.

I kick worry to the curb.  I have no concerns about what people think, whether I’m doing enough, if I still fit in, can I keep up? What do I have to worry about really?

I won’t justify or explain things.  I have every right to do things the way I want to do them.

I deserve life’s blessings and will hit pause to enjoy them.

I have time but my life is full by choice. I’m never too busy for the things that I want to do or for the people that I want in my world.

I will set boundaries that protect my freedom.

I will be more spontaneous. That means not taking on too much and only taking on things that light me up.

I will create a filter because I don’t need to know everyone’s story.  I will only embrace those stories that I truly want to know.


What’s Your Theme or Word?

Do you choose a word or theme that sets the tone for your new year?  It’s fairly mainstream to do so now and I’m here to tell you — it can have a huge impact.

A theme should be a word or words that resonate with you and embodies something that you want to amplify in your life.  When you set goals or have to make some big decisions – or perhaps when you feel misaligned in life – your theme is a foundation that will guide you to stay true to what you want to create.

It can be tough.  I get it!  I’ve worked hard over the years to create a process that works for me and I’m thrilled that people find it useful too.  Whether you want to keep it simple and nudge yourself along or would like to delve deep, here are a couple tools for you to use – absolutely free.

  1. Read my short and sweet blog. It will guide you through steps to create your 2019 theme.
  2. Take it deeper with my two ‘Set Your Intentions’ online modules. Click to download them here and they will land in your inbox with Lighthouse’s 2-page specially designed ‘Mission Map’ and a multitude of exercises to clearly chart your vision, values and goals…. as well as other inspirational motivators.


Carve Out Time for YOU

I encourage you to carve out time to curl up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, pen in hand and spend some introspective time over the holidays.  Not easy to do but necessary. Contemplate what you want to create in 2019.  Doesn’t have to be heavy — actually it’s so much better when you keep it light and free.  Ohhhh…. there’s that theme again. 😉



I’d love for you to put yourself out there.  Click this link, look for this image ⇐ and share your theme on Lighthouse’s Facebook page.


Fill your holiday season up with laughter and love.

Happy 2019 all.




Let’s Shine,





Cathy Goddard

Lighthouse Visionary Strategies




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