Treasure Trove

I have read, tried and created my fair share of educational materials and business tools over the years.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  Here are some of my top “treasures” and recommended resources for you.  ~ Cathy

Lighthouse’s ‘Set Your Intentions’ Modules

Every year, Lighthouse’s annual SET YOUR INTENTIONS workshops help people chart their course to achieve their work and lifestyle goals.  In 2016, I created fresh content and powerful motivation with TWO online modules to engage people near and far.  Lighthouse’s most popular workshop just got even better AND….. for the first time ever, it’s absolutely FREE!  Check out what you get and sign up here.

Your Treasure Map

This specially designed ‘map’ is a template that will capture your vision and goals….. guaranteed to move you forward.  Sign up right here for your downloadable pdf and get planning!

Your Business Learning List

Part of Lighthouse’s mentor program is for participants to review a business book and I’m delivering up this comprehensive reading list to you ~ complete with links, descriptions, key takeaways and a star rating.

Just click the link below to find a book you may want to read:

BRAND NEW from the 2018/19 mentors and this season, we shared favorite books, apps, podcasts and more – Download it now

From the 2017/18 mentors – Download it now

From the 2016/17 mentors – Download it now

From the 2015/16 mentors – Download it now

Lighthouse’s News

I love sharing knowledge, resources, tools, tips, stories…. anything that might help all of us on this journey.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter and hey, if you’re not engaged and enjoying — you can always unsubscribe.  Take a look here.

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