The Rise of The Side Hustle

features_featurestory1-1-57379f9c98135ad1After 14 years (yes 14!) of writing a column for the Whistler Question newspaper (owned by Glacier Media), I took a break when the paper sadly shut down in January 2018.  Then I got the itch again.  After vetting some topics with our other paper, Pique Newsmagazine (also owned by Glacier Media), we landed on ‘The Rise of the Side Hustle. Writing a feature article for a newsmagazine the calibre of Pique is quite different from writing a weekly opinion column but I loved it. I tapped into my vast network of people to share their knowledge and experiences on the topic and this piece came together so beautifully.

I’d love for you to read it and share your thoughts.  You can click through right here and there is also some interesting dialogue on the topic over at Lighthouse’s Facebook page.

COME BACK AND TELL ME:  Do you have a side hustle?  If so, what’s your biggest challenge?


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