Being Sober Curious

FEATURE STORY – Pique Newsmagazine, May 30, 2019 Being Sober Curious: People are re-visiting their relationship with alcohol in a trend that sees lifestyle choices reimagined By Cathy Goddard Jules Taggart started questioning how much she was drinking after she had two children and starting to work from her San Diego home-office. Because it was […]


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The Rise of The Side Hustle

After 14 years (yes 14!) of writing a column for the Whistler Question newspaper (owned by Glacier Media), I took a break when the paper sadly shut down in January 2018.  Then I got the itch again.  After vetting some topics with our other paper, Pique Newsmagazine (also owned by Glacier Media), we landed on […]

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End of an Era

Sadly, the Whistler Question newspaper is closing after 41 years.  I’ve so enjoyed writing this business column for 14 years!  Thanks to all for reading and keep coming back here because this gives me more time to blog.  And now, here is my goodbye column in the last issue of the Whistler Question.  Featured Whistler […]

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