3 Questions to Reset your 2019 Theme

September 1, 2019 ~ Lighthouse Blog by Cathy Goddard      Are you one of those people that chooses a word or theme to set your intentions for the new year?  I am!  Indisputably, setting a word or theme has become a craze over the last few years.  And although I usually balk at the mainstream, this […]


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What’s Your 2019 Theme?

          What’s Your 2019 Theme? Blog Post by Cathy Goddard of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, December 16, 2018     Today is my birthday and I’m sending my 2019 theme out to the world.  Light and Free.  What do you think?   My 2019 Theme – Light and Free My theme actually […]

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Set Your Goals for 2019

                  Set Your Goals for 2019 ~ by Cathy Goddard, December 2018   Setting goals is a hot trend.  And not setting goals is a hot trend.  No matter whether you follow the mainstream adages or not, there is no denying that it’s a good feeling to […]

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