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Below is a sample of what we have offered in previous mentor seasons but we will be rolling out all new groups for Lighthouse’s 2018 mentor program.  details coming this fall. If you are interested in the next application intake, please contact us here and we will provide details when they available.


What mentor group fits my needs?
You are: Female Only Female & Male
 Business Owner Employed by a
Willing to Commit to
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In-Person Meetings
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Master Mentors for

Online Entrepreneurial
Master Mentors for


Master Mentor for Entrepreneurs

Our most popular mentor offering, we run multiple Master Mentor for Entrepreneur groups to provide female business owners with an intensive learning experience guaranteed to elevate business success.  Targeting the unique challenges and opportunities associated with business ownership, participants share and acquire knowledge with a strong focus on achieving goals and accountability.

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Entrepreneurial MasterMinds

Created from feedback of past participants wanting a MasterMind experience focused on driving business results, this group will feature everything offered in the Master Mentors for Entrepreneurs group and much more!

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Online Entrepreneurial Mentors

This mentor group is in response to requests to unite female and male business owners via an online format, eliminating the need for ‘in person’ meetings. Offering a MasterMind experience focused on driving business results.

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Master Mentor for Intrapreneurs

is tailored to those innovative, employed women looking for professional development and growth.  Sharing and acquiring knowledge will provide strategy and leadership skills to elevate your career success.

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Who will be in my group?

Each group has 6 to 8 participants that have been carefully pre-screened to ensure they:

  • come from non-competing businesses
  • bring a high regard for confidentiality and a commitment of mutual respect
  • are willing to give of themselves, their knowledge and their expertise
  • possess diverse skills and business knowledge to the group
How much does it cost?

Prices for the 2016/2017 Mentor Network are:

Master Mentors for Entrepreneurs


One time payment: due October 1

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $230 each due on October 1, December 1 and February 1

Online Entrepreneurial Mentors


One time payment: due October 1

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $290 each due on October 1, December 1 and February 1

Entrepreneurial MasterMinds Program


One time payment: due October 1

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $290 each due on October 1, December 1 and February 1

Master Mentors for Intrapreneurs


One time payment: due October 1

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $230 each due on October 1, December 1 and February 1

*Prices do not include GST.

How do I apply?

Click here for the application form


Application Deadline – TBA

Applicants Selected and Confirmed – TBS

Program Orientation (online orientation that will be recorded) – TBA


All information provided on application form is held in strict confidence and collected solely as support to match applicants to a suitable mentoring group. 

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance in the program.

Lighthouse’s goal is to maximize your mentoring experience by partnering you with like-minded professionals to create an optimal and comfortable learning environment.

Past mentors share their feedback

Cathy is an incredible visionary and community builder. She has the unique ability to identify a need, then develop a program or content to satisfy it, while at the same time sharing the knowledge gained to benefit others. She delivered just that in the mentor program.

– Betsy Linnell, B-Line Marketing Management

Through the Master Mentor Program, Cathy provides a safe environment in which business owners can share ideas and offer expert advice to one another. The program has been a great way to meet other business owners and build a supportive network within the community.  With Cathy’s support, anything is achievable.

– Jen Glavas, Summit People Solutions

The Mentoring Program provided a confidential, supportive environment to network and share ideas.  I left the group with a clearer and more defined sense of where I would like to see my career in the future.

– Emily Taylor, Whistler 2020 Development Corporation


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Would you like to bring on successful results more quickly while avoiding the pitfalls of bad decisions and steep learning curves?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into a diverse knowledge base to guide your business or career along the way? Looking for a community of like-minded people with whom to celebrate your successes and work through your challenges?   

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