Tips to improve thesis writing skills

Tips to improve your writing

Students, who chose to write own papers without anyone else assistance, may find these tips helpful as they help organizing own ideas and manage time wisely. We all know that writing of PhD thesis is extremely responsible task and requires all your time and efforts, therefore, it is important to have clear head and inspiration and desire to work hard.

Not all of us are great at writing but there are tips from thesispanda.com to improve this skill:

  1. While preparing to start a research, ask yourself: What intrigues me about this subject and how can I interest the audience? Are there any surprising facts about my topic? Answering these questions you will understand what parts are attracting attention and what require improvement.
  2. If you feel yourself overwhelmed with fear of getting started just write the first sentence and inspiration will come. Also it will be easier to start writing from the body, the introduction with conclusion at the end. Conclusion is the hardest part and after everything else is written it is easier to make summary and explain the main point of your paper to the readers.
  3. The next recommendation is to organize your thoughts and make a diagram that can be very useful. Jot down all your ideas and thoughts so you will see connections that help you to build a solid paper.
  4. It is better to avoid clichés, To Be verbs, and following words as: some, that, things.
  5. It is also possible using Wikipedia but also as background research or looking for original sources for your thesis. Wikipedia allows users looking through these articles and site them in your essay.
  6. Before your thesis is completed it requires double check. Small details are always important as create overall impression of your work. What demands additional is checking order and structure of paragraphs, once more review instructions for your essay – make sure formats are correct. Finally, it is important re-reading own essay or even ask your friends doing that. Make sure it makes sense and sentence flow is smooth or add linking phrases to connect idea better. Grammar and spelling mistakes are essential and do your best to eliminate them all.

In order to provide a thorough check here is a proofreading checklist that will help to have everything under control:

  • Make sure all sentences in your paper are clear and audience will be able easily understand them.
  • Are the sentences too long or too short? Are they interesting and engaging?
  • Check the order and structure of paragraphs.
  • Do you use enough terms, strong action verbs, use active or passive voice?
  • Is your style appropriate? Formal or casual?
  • Does your job requite quotes?
  • In the field of grammar and usage make sure you.
  • Have all your sentences complete and verb tense chosen is consistent throughout your essay?
  • Use the proper pronoun case.
  • Have your verbs agreeing with their subjects?
  • Correctly placing modifying words and phrases, etc.

Make a thorough check and your paper and excellent grades are guaranteed.

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