Gmail Changes and Why You Should Care


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Gmail has changed the way it filters emails in your inbox.   These recent changes have Gmail automatically filtering all emails for all users.  That means that your marketing newsletters and emails will be in a hidden folder, and in that same folder, Gmail is posting unsolicited ads that look like emails.  In a nutshell, Gmail is becoming like Facebook.  You play by their rules!

To make sense of it all, read this Social Media Examiner article on the impact of these changes and check out their short video with step-by-step instructions on how to adjust it.

Since many of my subscribers use Gmail to receive Lighthouse newsletters, I’ve included simple instructions to follow below.

STEP 1:  Login to your Gmail account. You’ll see that your inbox now has 3 tabs above it, “Primary”, “Social”, “Promotions”.

STEP 2:  Click on the “Promotions” tab.

STEP 3:  In the “Promotions” inbox, find any email from “Cathy Goddard” or “Lighthouse’. You can also do a search, and that should pull up emails from me.

STEP 4: Select ONE of the “Cathy Goddard” or “Lighthouse” emails and drag it into your “Primary” inbox. (You only need to do this once.)

STEP 5:   You’ll see a Gmail notification that says, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary”. Do this for future messages from {Ali Brown}?” Click “YES”.

I love staying connected with you and hope you feel the same way.  The above steps should make sure that happens.

And tell me…. do you like these changes that Gmail made?


Source:  Social Media Examiner



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