Fun gift ideas for coworkers!

Last week’s column provided gift ideas that employers might want to consider for their staff.   But what about co-workers buying gifts for each other?   Holiday gift exchanges are increasingly replaced with work teams uniting to support charitable efforts but what if giving a gift is that little extra that you want to do?
Recent magazines have been loaded with affordable gift ideas.   Here are a few fun and innovative options.

  • Items to decorate or organize your desk area are a big hit.  One such gift is the Gear Gripper, made from soft tactile foam that can be formed in a variety of different shapes.  It can be molded into various shapes to house your cell phone, pens and papers.  Check it out at
  • A door organizer is a material holder that hangs on a doorknob to store everything you need as you walk out the door.  As someone who tends to go back for a forgotten item, it could be handy.
  • Friendship stones are a meaningful gift.  Also adding some decoration, these small stones display words to add daily inspiration.
  • A Zen Garden is a gift that can calm and de-stress.  I have one and it beats doodling anytime.
  • A WiFi Finder is a small gadget that is ideal for travelers to assist in finding wireless internet connections while out and about.
  • Mug warmers seem to be a common gift recommendation.  There must be a lot of cold cups of coffee sitting on desks out there.

Whatever you decide, always be sure to use common sense by avoiding gifts that have discriminatory, political, religious or intimate themes.  One last note is to be considerate.  If you are buying for a co-worker and not for others, do so outside of the office.

Cathy Goddard is the Principal of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies.  Lighthouse offers small business consulting, mentor programs and workshops.  She writes this weekly column for the Whistler Question newspaper.  Cathy can be reached via or by calling 604.905.8660.


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