Communication & Conflict Management

Effective communication skills and honing the ability to manage conflict impacts performance in all aspects of life – plain and simple!

This is one of my favorite workshops! As your facilitator, I guide participants through a process to elevate their communication skills and to effectively resolve conflict in any situation. Whether working through exercises to determine individual conflict management styles or sharing essential strategies to amp up communication skills, this session will arm everyone with meaningful tools and resources that ensure collaboration and results.

Here’s just a little of what participants can expect:

Manage Conflict and Build a ‘Win-Win’ Culture

This segment will increase one’s effectiveness in conflict management. Using a self-scoring assessment tool, conflict-handling modes will be determined along with appropriate uses for each. This is a catalyst to open discussion on difficult issues and facilitate learning about how conflict-handling modes affect personal, group, and organizational dynamics.

The 5 Core Communication Tools

This segment offers up a coach approach that can be used in communication with peers and employees. Focused on building consensus, forming strong relationships, and creating mutually beneficial results, this goes beyond your typical session of what to say or how to listen. Attendees will discover that there is a science to how we are persuaded and the shortcuts that guide decision-making for successful conclusions.


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