Dog tired of the daily grind? Try a Flex Schedule

Who doesn’t want to work a flexible schedule to better juggle your personal and professional worlds?  As much as companies are realizing the need to create a culture that fits their employee’s needs, there is a long way to go. Businesses still cling to bad experiences of the past whereby employees took advantage and didn’t […]


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Networking is a Two-Way Street

Featured Column in the Whistler Question Newspaper – June 23, 2011 One of the positive sides of an economic downturn is that you need to be more creative in attracting business.  There is a lot of talk that focus has moved back towards building relationships and conducting business in a way that ensures accountability and […]

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Building a Winning Team

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper – June 16, 2011 So the Stanley Cup was won last night.  It was my hope that we would be suffering from a massive excitement hangover after celebrating that OUR team won the prize.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and the events beyond last night’s game have left […]

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