Defamation on Social Media

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper – May 26, 2014   Online technology enables us to share and post our opinions instantly.  That power can create a sense of false security, as users mistakenly believe they have a right to their opinions with freedom of speech as protection. But posting defamation on social media about […]


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10 Do’s for a Thriving Home-based Business

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper – May 19, 2014 At one time, home-based businesses were comprised mainly of Avon sales or ‘get rich quick’ pyramid schemes.  But with the surge of technology enabling people to work remotely, popularity of setting up shop in one’s home is increasingly common.  Cost and convenience are primary reasons […]

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Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Business Location

Featured Columnist in Whistler Question newspaper, May 6, 2014 There is an old phrase that suggests the three most important factors in determining the desirability of real estate property are “location, location, location”.  With respect to choosing your ideal business location, the ‘where’ of a property can make or break the best of business plans. […]

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