Bullies in the Workplace

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper – February 25, 2014 Ask an adult about ‘bullying’ and they will most often equate it as something that happens in the schoolyard amongst children.  Unfortunately, it is much more prevalent in our so-called adult world than you would think.  And yes, I’ve heard about it right in our […]


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Dealing with Grief in the Workplace

Featured Columnist in Whistler Question newspaper – February 11, 2014 Those living in Sea to Sky country weave together with commonalities that always create a bond when tragedies occur.  We were reminded of that when Ellie Reinecke’s 2011 death came into focus again.  Letters to local newspapers covered everything from a mother seeking answers for […]

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How to Get Your Ideas Heard (and silence the naysayers)

The Beacon Blog Most people can relate to having a good idea and then coming up against the many different forms of negativity that keep it from being hatched.  Strategizing how to garner support is often overlooked as people get caught up in their fabulous concept, rather than how to get buy in to ensure […]

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