9 Ways to Align for Business Success

Featured Column in Whistler Question, May 30, 2013 Shoulder season is an inevitable part of life in a resort town and presents Whistler businesses with more than their fair share of challenges.  You can withdraw into your shell, increasing your stress and worry or use the time to align your business for future success.  Here […]


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Choose a Pricing Model that Fits

A couple weeks back, this column touted the importance of pricing products and services at rates attractive to your ideal clients while still making you a profit. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it goes beyond just setting prices and in fact, should involve choosing a pricing model so both parties benefit. Your client should feel they received a […]

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Know Your Value: Pricing Your Products or Services

Pricing your products or services in this highly competitive business world can be challenging and is certainly not a black or white topic.  It’s grey… at best. What is clear is the need to price your offerings at rates that are attractive to your ideal clients, and that you can have a sales conversation that […]

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