Pay Yourself First

Featured Column in Whistler Question – May 3, 2012 On the heels of last week’s column about budgeting, the greatest challenge entrepreneurs often face is managing the financial aspect of their business and specifically, the challenge to compensate themselves with regular pay cheques.  Common reasons are that there isn’t enough money coming in, expenses or […]


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The Art of Organizing

Featured Column in the Whistler Question newspaper – April 18, 2013 A couple weeks back, this column focused on spring-cleaning your business but what if you don’t even know where to start?  If that sounds familiar, consider hiring a professional organizer. According to the Professional Organizers of Canada web site, a professional organizer encourages and […]

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7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

Featured Column in Whistler Question Newspaper – April 4, 2013 The vernal equinox begins in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th.  In other words, the spring season is here and with it, increasing daylight, warmer temperatures, and a chance at a fresh start.  Just as we were beginning to get impatient, Mother Nature reminded us […]

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