Find Your Inner Storyteller

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper, October 2012 As you read through this redesigned issue of the Whistler Question, just consider how many stories this local newspaper has shared with its readership over the years.  Stories are powerful tools that can change the way we think, act, and feel.  They can capture imaginations, move us […]


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Time for a Redesign?

Life is full of stimulation.  In fact, it’s full of overstimulation.  We bore easily, have short attention spans, tune out and most times, we don’t even recognize it happening.  Although this is simply a way of life during these instant gratification times, it can be catastrophic for our professional lives. If you’ve stagnated, it might […]

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Add an Award to Your Business Portfolio

Adding an award to your portfolio is one strategy to advance your career or effectively market your business.  Last week, some Vancouver women’s organizations hosted a seminar covering this very topic and shared advice on how to embrace the nomination opportunity. The first step is to carefully review the criteria and rules ensuring you qualify, […]

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