Savvy Networking Tips

Featured Column in Whistler Question – February 23, 2012 Lighthouse’s Open Forum on February 20th attracted almost seventy local professionals with a desire to ‘unleash their inner strength.’  Granted the title might be a little vague, but be that as it may, these women came out in droves to connect, share and gather support. Focus […]


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Just Say No

Featured Column in Whistler Question newspaper – February 16, 2012 In Canada, women earn seventy-two cents for every one-dollar a man earns.  It’s easy to get angry at the injustice of that statistic, but perhaps we should focus on our part in creating that disparity.  In reality, women often put up barriers that keep them […]

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Romancing the Co-Worker

Featured Column – Whistler Question February 9, 2012 With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s timely to take a look at romance in the workplace.  Although it might seem a safe approach to ban love in the office, it really isn’t feasible in a small town like Whistler.  A third or more of our lives […]

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