The spirit of giving… all year long!

There is something about the holiday season that inspires people to focus more on kindness.  One of the subtlest movements towards kindness comes from a new trend to donate to charitable causes, rather than sending Christmas cards and gifts.  This is an ideal way for both businesses and individuals to stay true to their values […]


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Fun gift ideas for coworkers!

Last week’s column provided gift ideas that employers might want to consider for their staff.   But what about co-workers buying gifts for each other?   Holiday gift exchanges are increasingly replaced with work teams uniting to support charitable efforts but what if giving a gift is that little extra that you want to do? Recent magazines […]

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Where is your staff in the Employee Life Cycle?

The holidays are around the corner so hopefully our local businesses are staffed up and ready to deliver exceptional service to our guests. Although hiring well is important, employers also need to ensure employees stay engaged, inspired and fresh. The Employee Life Cycle (ELC) model is a common tracking tool to identify the stage an employee […]

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