The power of saying “Thank You”

With ski season upon us, local businesses have hopefully found those stellar employees that will deliver great service through the season and beyond.  It’s an ongoing battle to reward employees for exemplary performance but one little gesture often gets overlooked – just saying thank you. Bob Sutton, author of “Good Boss, Bad Boss” states that […]


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Creating a Culture of EXCEPTIONAL Service

It’s always good for the soul to wonder through our village this time of year and witness all the new faces eagerly anticipating ski season.  Still friendly and not yet exhausted from the toll of working two or more jobs, there is an obvious mix of excitement, nerves and politeness as they wait on customers. […]

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Take the YAWN out of Business Planning

The words ‘business plan’ are often greeted with a look of disdain.  The fact is entrepreneurs often skip this crucial step of planning because of three myths.  It takes too much time, it isn’t necessary and/or they don’t know how to do it. Add to that the belief that business planning in today’s world is […]

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