Gen X, Gen Y and Zoomers – oh my!

Last week’s Whistler Chamber Luncheon invited speaker and leadership expert, Cheryl Cran to explain the values of each generation in the workplace.  The topic has been delivered in many different ways but Cran did a brilliant job in sharing how companies can adapt their approach to blend those differing values into teams with diverse mindsets […]


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How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant

Last week’s column shared what a virtual assistant does but where do you find one?  A virtual assistant, or VA in today’s jargon, is a booming business with lots of options.

If you’re going to delegate the tasks that are essential to your business success, you’ll have to source someone reliable and skilled.  The goal is […]

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Hire Someone to Help…Virtually

Business owners often try to cover the whole gamut of tasks in their day-to-day responsibilities and then learn rather quickly that it’s impossible to do so.  But taking on staff is a big decision and for every entrepreneur juggling duties single-handedly, there are many that grow too quickly, adding overhead and staff before they can […]

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